Coppa della Perugina

From 3th to 5th of May 2019 we are waiting you in Perugia for a wonderful trip in the green heart of Italy, among art cities, ancient villages, charming hills and breathtaking routes in the unspoilt and fascinating umbrian countryside.

Three exciting days in perfect balance between competition, tourism, culture, food and wine in the name of relaxation and “bien vivre”.

Up to 100 historic cars can be registered, 20 of which with open bodywork produced before 1930.

Two final classifications: one for cars up to 1930 and one for cars up to 1968.

Total distance about 280 km.: Friday 60 km., Saturday 200 km., Sunday 20 km.

10 time precision tests with pressure switch detection distributed over the three days.

All “made in Perugia” with passion and with the heart by the men of CAMEP.

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In Umbria, and particularly in Perugia, as indeed throughout Italy, at the beginning of the last century when the phenomenon of car racing was affecting more and more people, from 1924 until 1927 a handful of sportsmen stimulated by Giovanni Buitoni, the Ceo of the Perugina company, organized on the flat land below the city of Perugia a circuit race called Coppa della Perugina. The success, even if the period was short, was so important that when the race ceased (for reasons not related to the will of the organizers) a very strong memory, never faded over the years, remained in the citizens and throughout the city.

So much so that, just after the World War II, under the pressure of different but equally motivated men, Alberto Andreani, Chairman of the Automobile Club, and Bruno Buitoni, Chairman of Perugina, made the Coppa della Perugina come back, combined with the “Giro Automobilistico dell’Umbria”, collecting even more support though the race was no longer a circuit race but a race that touched the whole region. Unfortunately, as in the past, after only three editions, from 1952 to 1954, once again not by will, the success was interrupted, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of sportsmen and people.

From that moment on the Coppa della Perugina was once again a memory that was harboring under the ashes of the passion, waiting to return.

That happened in 1984 thanks to the will of the men of CAMEP (Club Auto Moto d’Epoca Perugino) who from year to year, with courage and professionalism, have managed until now to pass on the feelings experienced in those past periods, proposing to the people, through the re-enactments, the view of the cars that participated in those historic events. (Taken from the book Coppa della Perugina by Giuseppe Prisco)